A Pound of Carrots


Here are a few Still-Frames of my week. I hope that yours are just as delicious.


Carrot cake isn’t one of those cakes that I crave often because if I had a choice between carrot cake and chocolate cake I wouldn’t have to even think about going for the chocolate cake. Come on! Who isn’t unarmed by delicious chocolate cake?  The last time that I had a slice of carrot cake was years ago at a Black-eyed Pea and before that, I probably had a serving of it with my school cafeteria lunch rotation.  Carrot cake isn’t bad. It’s just not chocolate cake. My better half requested carrot cake so pulled out my recipe folder and looked for Ina Garten’s “Carrot and Pineapple Cake recipe”. I watched her make it on her show once. It looked so tempting that I printed out the recipe and saved it hoping to eventually make it.


It turned out to be absolutely delicious! This recipe for carrot cake, in my opinion is a lot like a dense, moist, robust banana bread slathered with a sweet, creamy, buttery icing. From now on, carrot cake will not be neglected in this household ever again. Cheers, Mrs. Garten!

Try the recipe here: Ina Garten’s Carrot and Pineapple Cake 



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