Still-frame of the week: Have you tried guayaba yet?


Guava or “Guayaba” (Wa-yah-bah), is a tropical  fruit that’s extremely fragrant especially when ripe. I would compare the scent of guayaba to a very sweet, ripe, pineapple sitting among a field of wild flowers or a bouquet of chamomile blooms to be more exact.


At its peak, this little fruit should be have a smooth, golden color throughout and give slightly when squeezed. The more ripe a guayaba is, the more fragrant and sweeter it gets. The skin is supple and edible but a little tart in contrast to its sweet and creamy center filled with lots of smooth round little seeds which are also edible.


Guayaba can be found in many Latin desserts. It can also be found as candies, preserves, and jams. You may find “guava paste” at the cheese counter or the international section of your market. It’s fantastic on a cheese platter or paired with a good manchego cheese, but the way I always have it is simple. I pull the fruit apart with my fingers and drizzle some honey on top. It’s like eating a fruity, flowery custard.


Maybe the next time that you’re at the market, you’ll look for guava and give it a try. These are my still-frames of the week. I hope that your week is just as delicious!





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