Fragrant Lime Salt

Do you have a zester? If you don’t, you better get one. Every foodie should have one in their toolbox…I mean, kitchen drawer. It comes in handy when you need to grate some Parmesan cheese, fresh nutmeg, or to zest some citrus. It will make you look like a pro, believe me!

lime zest.jpg

Every week, I zest some limes, add the zest to some Kosher salt and mix it until I get this beautiful fragrant salt. This lime salt is that special ingredient that turns up the volume in my homemade jalapeño-lime jerky. I sprinkle it on top of the meat once it’s on the dehydrator just before drying.

You can sprinkle it as a finishing salt on fish, chicken…or you can rim a margarita glass. Your choice. The possibilities are endless. It’s very simple to make. Here’s the how to:

Fragrant Lime Salt


  • 2 tablespoons of lime zest
  • 1 cup of kosher salt

Put the lime zest in a bowl. Add the kosher salt. Mix well. Transfer to a glass jar with a lid. It keeps for up to a month in the refrigerator.








Still-frame of the week: Colors of February


I’m probably not the only one who’s planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day on the weekend since it fell on a Tuesday this year. Last year while I was out and about I found these little heart-shaped ramekins by Chantal. I had to have them. I don’t like to collect seasonal dishes but these can be used any time of the year. Why not? There’s plenty of occasions…anniversaries, birthdays, hot dates. As my friend says, “We’re grown-ups. We can do whatever we want.” I can’t disagree.


February has a special place in my heart. It’s not quite winter. It’s not quite spring. It’s somewhere in between. At least that’s how it’s usually in Houston. The last of the pink blossoms on my peach tree are on the ground and tiny fruit is starting to grow in their place. I’ve trimmed dead branches, planted some seeds, and turned the soil in the raised garden bed.  I can’t wait to harvest some herbs later on this year. For now, here’s a snapshot of my week. I’ll let you see what I’ll be cooking or serving in them. I can’t wait to surprise my sweetheart with something sweet and romantic.

Have a lovely weekend!