Tyler Florence’s Arroz con Pollo & Salsa Verde


I have saved tons of recipes over time. Most of them I’ve picked up from cooking shows, cookbooks, or from a magazine. The only problem is as they say, “…so much of this and too little time.”

Recipes can be used as blueprints. I find that it’s a good idea to follow a recipe as it is the first time. The next time around you can play with the ingredients by substituting one protein for another or substitute this herb for a different one. Eventually that recipe becomes your very own.

However, this recipe is a very special one. Each time I’ve made it over the years I get many compliments. It’s memorable because it’s just that darn good. No matter how many times I’ve made it, it remains unchanged because in my opinion it is perfect just the way it is. I got this recipe from a show a long time ago called, “Food 911”. It was hosted by one of my favorite chefs, Tyler Florence. He also provides a recipe for a nutty, and refreshing green sauce to compliment this rich chicken and rice dish. I really would like to emphasize you have to have this salsa verde because it’s just that awesome! It isn’t the typical green tomatillo salsa that you’ve had with most of your favorite Mexican foods. This one is tangy, nutty, spicy, and it will brighten up the dish because it’s so refreshing. Especially if you have a nice bottle of chilled Rioja red wine to go along with it. I always do. The spices that soaked into the rice, the savoriness of the chicken, and the fresh sauce that’s made of toasted almonds, green jalapeño, cilantro, and lime are complemented beautifully with a little sip of Rioja. Try it for yourself!

…and if you’d like I’d love to know what you think! Here’s the link to this beautiful recipe: Arroz con Pollo with Salsa Verde